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Who we are...

Hello Fellow Gamers! This clan is for gamers that'll be playing Destiny on Ps4. If you want to know any of the Rules or Ranks there in our Clan Forums. If you have any questions or just want to talk, message me... Kirito930

This Clan is made up of many guys/girls that are from many different countries with many different game preferences. Players of all classes will be in vast numbers. And all our members will be kind and friendly to Outsiders of other clans, our alliances & friends. We welcome anyone who wishes to join Project Zero. Our clan is all about Commitment, Loyalty, Honor, Sacrifice, Teamwork, Life and Death.

We value our members feedback and words and as a leader I will listen to what my members, friends, and family have to say. Game on!

Kirito930 (PSN ZiggyJayX)
PS4 PZ Clan Leader
« April 2019 »
New Ranks-
1. Clan Leader
2. Clan Scholar,Clan Quest Guide, Clan BlackSmith
3. Platoon Leader
4. Squad Leader
5. Guardian
6. Bounty Hunter
7. Trainee

Side Ranks-Clan Scout, Boot Camp Sergeant, Clan Helper , Clan Mechanic

Clan Scholar will keep track of books, will keep track of kill records, enemy types, enemy encounters and in what areas, etc..

The Quest Guide will be the 1 that keeps track of all the quests. Will keep track of who goes on what quests, when and get back at what time.

Clan BlackSmith will make the weapons, they will have a weapon shop in the clan base, they will clean, repair and make the weapons better.

Clan Scouts will accompany Squads and Platoons, and help them get to there location, will carry an excess weapons and grenades, and will report back how they did on there missions.

Boot Camp Sergeant will be a leader in training and train an amount of trainee and new members and get them ready for missions.

Clan Helper will heal and take care of the sick.

Clan Mechanic will repair any broken robots, machinery, will repair say any broken walls and devices, will repair broken ships.

To become a guardian a rank up from trainee you will have to go through 10 days of training. these can range from killing a certain amount of enemies or say fend off in the wild for an amount of days with 1 weapon. Stuff like that.

Updating- Ranks Descriptions and Requirements.
Training, Squad Info, Leadership Roles, and more will be added and changed over the coming days.

Also feel free to send me any responses and if you want something changed. I will be happy to do that if reasonable and if i feel it will benefit the clan and its members. You can contact me via Bungie App Messenger, or at my Email:
And feel free to post in the comments if you have suggestions, or just to say great job etc...

Thanks guys.